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Umango shall make commercial reasonable efforts to make the Umango Products available to the Customer and its End Users for the duration of the Subscription Term.


Umango shall be responsible for all changes and updates and maintenance to the Umango Products which may from time to time be necessary and/or useful. In this respect Umango:

-may at its discretion make changes or updates to the Umango Product specifications (such as infrastructure, security, technical configuration, application or platform features, interfaces, …) during the term of this agreement, including to reflect changes in technology, industry practices and patterns of system use.

-shall provide maintenance with reasonable skill and care. Umango shall inform Customer of any scheduled maintenance (i.e. starting point of the maintenance and expected duration) at least twenty four (24) hours in advance that is likely to affect the access and/or use of the Umango Products. Whenever possible, Umango shall use its reasonable efforts to perform the scheduled maintenance outside business hours.

-may for corrective and preventive reasons take the Umango Product down for unscheduled maintenance. Umango will take all reasonable effort to inform Customer in advance and if not possible inform Customer as soon as reasonably possible after the start of the unscheduled maintenance.

Upgrades will be provided as part of the Umango Products. For avoidance of doubt, this does not include new modules/components which may be included in the Umango Products but not purchased. For such new modules/components, additional fees may be due.


During business hours (i.e. from [09.00u] to [17.00u]), Customer shall be entitled to contact the Umango support desk to report incidents and for technical and functional service requests. Customer can contact the service desk via .

When reporting an incident, Customer shall provide Umango with as much of information in English as possible, such as, but not limited to (i) a short description of the incident and how it is manifested, (ii) how the incident can be reproduced or verified, (iii) in what situations the incident occurs, (iv) the type of device and browser used, (v) the effects of the incident, (vi) other relevant information (screen prints, logs, etc.). Customer shall inform Umango of incidents without undue delay following the detection thereof. An incident only exists when such can be demonstrated and reproduced.

In relation to support, Umango shall make reasonable attempts to respond and resolve the incident as soon as reasonably possible. Umango shall have no obligation to correct the incident in respect of:

Incidents resulting from any modifications to the Umango Products made by any other person than Umango or a third party authorised by Umango;

-the incorrect use of the Umango Products or the use of the Umango Products in conflict with any instructions from Umango.

-Umango shall not charge the Customer for the correction of the incident unless the incident is attributable to the Customer and/or its Authorised Users. In case of the latter, Umango shall be entitled to invoice the Customer at its then current hourly rates

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