How to set up Umango?

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11, Feb 2021
Remote working

So you have registered for a free trial?
Congratulations! One big step into a productive and engaged team. Help lead your team and company into the future with the app that puts people first. Get your numbers up by keeping your people happy. Remote work will become more fun!
As the first user, you are the admin of your organization. Do you think someone else should take that role? No worries, you can always change that later...

The steps below will get you started ...

  1. Invite Your Team Members

    Enter team members e-mail and click on add user
    An invite link will be sent to your team members, they should accept the invite to finish registration.

    Not sure how it works? Click here for a quick movie

  2. Start to Huddle

    Look to install new team habits to help fuel better communication and collaboration, especially from a distance. A frequent huddle helps you align with your team members. Did you know that 15 minutes of daily huddling saves up to 1 hour a day? It fuels commitment by encouraging people to focus on their tasks of the day, stimulating collaboration and providing a daily check-in.

    Add a huddle
    via the Calender icon on the left-side panel. You can give your huddle a specific name, add a description and set the date and duration. After your team members have finished their registration, you can add them to your huddle.

    Last but not least: you can add recurring topics via the template. These recurring topics can serve as a friendly reminder to know what kind of topics to contribute to the huddle

    You can add personal agenda topics any time of the day. Both before the huddle starts and during the live huddle.

    Not sure how it works? Click here for a quick movie.

  3. Live Huddle

    Do you wonder how live huddling works? Click here to get a glance of the live huddle.
    We will be adding more and more interactions in the live huddle to give your team a great live experience!
    So stay tuned...

  4. Daily Checkout

    Each team member can fill in the check-out at the end of the day. Pulse surveys help team members to reflect on the workload, the quality of work and the team mood. Did you know that filling in these 3-4 questions every day can also help you to disconnect from work?
    Before the start of the next huddle, the aggregated team result of the previous working day is visible for every team member.
    If you can trigger the behavior in a team to reach out to each other for both tasks and wellbeing, and turn it into a habit, then you will eventually create a positive remote work culture. The culture often grows on top of some game rules that might look trivial at first.

  5. Install the "Huddle buddy"

    Umango supports you in your daily workflow!
    You can download the huddle buddy in the Chrome web store. Add the plugin to your browser and Use your known login and password to start .
    With the browser plugin, you can easily pin any weblink during your working day and share the information with your team. Curious how the pinning works? Watch this movie!

  6. Add Umango in your Microsoft teams tab

    You can use Umango as a standalone solution in your browser.
    Are you a Microsoft Teams user? Good news for you, we offer an integration in Microsoft Teams. Watch this movie to install Umango for Microsoft teams.
    Soon, our Umango app will be directly available via the appsource of Microsoft.

    Need any technical help? Contact to get started!

Are you invited by a colleague?
So glad to have you and welcome to Umango!
Umango unites virtual coffee break apps and water cooler software with project management tools and remote working platforms into something entirely new.

You can start huddling together with your team immediately (step 2 in this blogpost) after finishing your registration and giving your account the personal touch it deserves 😀.

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