Building a distributed work culture

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With colleagues having practically no physical engagement with each other, organisations may witness hampered positive collaborations. Siloed teams disconnected from each other can be detrimental to teamwork. Realigning efforts into inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset in your people is key, where people take the lead on the assignments across teams they're working on.

Connecting a digital workplace with digital collaboration tools will support the changing team dynamics. Keeping the usual schedule of team meetings and other team habits add to this balance. This should not be seen as a barrier, but an opportunity to connect more easily with team members and acknowledge their efforts to instill a positive environment.

A human-centered agenda is the order of the day,

one that places importance on the confluence of technology and people-driven transformation.

Organisations spend years building their culture, it's not easy to reinforce it in a distributed work context as well as modernise it to suit a hybrid working model. When teams are working remotely, inclusion becomes more essential.

  • Inculcating a culture of belonging will be the goal for any organisation.
  • Communicating in a timely and consistent way helps in maintaining a semblance of normality.
  • Activities such as online Townhall presentations, virtual apéro get togethers etc. will enhance this experience.

Today, diversity and inclusion have a new perspective

because everyone has their own experiences and challenges during the pandemic.

Paying extra attention towards continuous engagement will enable employees to bring their whole-selves to work, do their utmost best work, and in sustaining the company’s culture.

While work pressure continues, there is added stress of managing household responsibilities and anxiety of the pandemic. A ‘one solution for all’ will not help as everyone has unique experiences.

We need to take out time and invest in our employees’ mental wellbeing. People can only deliver on their work when they feel safe, secure and motivated. For them to be able to deliver awesome results, even while working remotely, employers and leaders should relook at how they approach employee policies and mental health. Leaders need to be more mindful about people having a hard time and how they can help each other. This will keep the core culture of the company alive even in a virtual environment - it's all about looking out for your people.

How do you feel the pulse with your team members? How do you know how they feel? How do you find out that your help is needed? Make it a habit to ask your individual team members on a regular basis. Use different questions that determine mental wellbeing. The power of these regular short questions is that it also stimulates reflection with your team members. Awareness is the first step to a solution...

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