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Remote Working Done Right

Leading and managing remote teams or a hybrid workforce poses its own challenges.


Remote working done right is incredibly valuable and productive, which is why we believe it’s the future.


But how do you connect with your team remotely? How do you engage employees? How do you facilitate team collaboration without those invaluable water cooler moments and coffee chats?

You bring in Umango.

To nurture the human side of working remotely

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How to meet remotely

  • There’s plenty of meeting software out there to help you work virtually from home.
  • How do you engage your team remotely? How do you take it one step further?
  • Stop meeting. Start engaging.

Help your team engage

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How to stay motivated remotely

  • Keeping track of why you’re doing what you’re doing can become challenging when working remotely.
  • Show your team the difference they make.

Motivate your team

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How to collaborate remotely

  • Remote team collaboration can get tricky. Passing each other in the hall, having a quick huddle, planning your day…
  • It’s different when working from home, but not when you have a hybrid workforce.
  • Organise a daily stand-up meeting. From your standing desk.

Organise remote collaboration

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How to lead any type of team remotely

  • Any team can reap the fruits of becoming a hybrid team with the right tools.
  • Whether your team is remote or on the road, has a desk job or a manual job, consists of contractors or employees Umango helps you connect no matter what.
  • Not a tech-savvy crew? Not a problem. The user interface works perfectly in concert with Microsoft Teams and has a very low learning curve.
  • Be close to your team. Wherever they are.

Get to know the tool

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How to stick together remotely

Engaging, connecting and motivating your team members remotely bears nothing but fruit. Enjoy the sweetness and stick together with Umango.

Not sure what to expect? That’s understandable, since what we’re doing is so new. These people didn’t know either, but they ended up loving Umango.

Calculate your return on investment

Number of employees in your company

On average, knowledge workers spend 7h a week searching but not finding the right information, recreating content or searching for the right colleague with expertise for advice or assistance

Working hours per week

Average annual salary of 65000 incl. Benefits (Source Statbel 2019)

Lost time per employee:

364h (=7*52)

Total lost time:

7280 hours (=364*number of employees)

Total working hours per employee:

2080h (Lost time per employee is 17,5% of the working hours)

Total working hours:


Total cost per employee:

11375 EUR

Total cost:

227500 EUR

Your investment:

1920€ (Number of employees * yearly subscription fee 96€)

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