10 Tips for Engaging Remote Blue-Collar Workers

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While white-collar workforces are working from home, blue-collar workers risk their lives every day going into work.

Many industries face the difficulty to attract and retain workers due to the workload and the physically heavy work, and low industry status. And the pandemic didn't make it easier, especially for remote workers. Whether they work as domestic helper or are front-line healthcare workers, companies need to go the extra mile to keep the blue-collar population engaged and motivated to come to work, especially during the pandemic.

As for why it matters, motivated employees 65% less likely leave their firms, have 48% fewer accidents, and are 21% more productive. This translates to 22% more profitability.

Here are 10 suggestions for engaging remote blue-collar workers on the ground, every day:

  1. Provide development opportunities. In many industries, digital transformation (amongst other trends) leaves workers with a skills gap. Helping employees get the education they need is both motivating and good for business.
  2. Empower workers in decision-making. They can rely on their expertise and presence on the ground to take decisions within an agreed playing field. It demonstrates trust and invests employees in the company.
  3. Train leaders in engagement. Location managers and supervisors on up to the C-suite need to understand the value of recognition, and have the skills to implement it.
  4. Share “winning moments” in the moment. Successes at company level, team level and individual level deserve recognition, right away! Celebrating small wins is a powerful yet simple way to make the work more meaningful and rewarding.
  5. Make leadership visible and available. Making management visible to workers and available to connect fosters a workplace culture of “we’re in this together.” Do your blue-collar workers even know who’s on the leadership team?
  6. Enable peer-to-peer recognition. Set up a process for employees to thank and reward each other for excellence, expertise and teamwork.
  7. Recognize with gratitude, not cash. A sincere expression of appreciation, accompanied by a meaningful gift, is more memorable and has greater impact than a cash bonus.
  8. Install a mantra. A well-chosen ‘slogan’ creates a powerful connection between your brand and employees. Mantras unite people to a common sense of purpose, which in turn increases workplace motivation and engagement.
  9. Introduce CSR initiatives. A bit or corporate goodwill goes a long way in making workers feel like they are part of something meaningful. You can even ask staff to come up with their own initiatives and help execute them.
  10. Feel the daily pulse. Last but not least collect worker feedback on performance, engagement and wellbeing drivers as an opportunity to open up a dialogue. Start with the question: How was your day? As you listen to your employees, reach conclusions and start taking action, you can act fast and continuously to issues brought up by your employees. You won’t be able to fix all the reasons of course. But having these conversations will have a positive impact on your remote workers’ happiness.

We are happy to share our expertise with you to boost your remote workforce commitment and contribution.

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